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Meet the icf michigan 2021 board of directors

And read their answers to the question: "What are you most looking forward to as an ICF Michigan board and chapter member in 2021 and what gives you a sense of hope right now?"

Beth Buelow, President

Three years ago, my husband and I moved from Tacoma, Washington to Muskegon. The first thing I did (after unpacking!) was join ICF Michigan. In the time since then, I have found a community of generous and supportive colleagues, all committed to continuous learning. It’s now my honor to serve as your chapter president for 2021. My hope is that you feel the same sense of belonging, support, and connection that I’ve experienced. It’s been noted many times in 2020: coaches are powerful contributors to healing and transformation in our society. The possibilities give me hope! Along with the board, I’m looking forward to working with you as co-creators of that transformation. 

Cheron Freeman, Past-President

I am confident that our Board will lead our coaching community through this time of uncertainty in 2021. I look forward to uplifting, participating and growing our community as Past President. The work we do is needed more now than ever before. "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunasake Satoro

Jodee Gibson, President-Elect, 2022

As we move into a new year and embrace the fresh energy of 2021, I am absolutely looking forward to the strength and leadership that the previous year has created. 2020 taught many challenging lessons and transformed each and every person on this planet. We were put under great pressure and emerged as stronger humans. It reminds me of the quote - the stronger the wind, the stronger the tree. We emerged from the storm stronger than ever. My hope is that this transformation allows us to serve from a much deeper level. Being able to serve this year and be a part of this powerful leadership is an honor. 

Kaan Aksu

After serving for two years as Member Relationships Champion, I feel honored to transition into a new role at the Board in 2021, as the Treasurer. Despite of unprecedented challenges, our Chapter has grown fifty percent by showing strong solidarity and adaptability in 2020. In my new role, I am looking forward to serve with a fresh mind, as part of an even more growing and engaged community.

Venus J. Brown

Optimistism - 
Some of you may wonder who can be optimistic as we end such a tumultuous year, with so much uncertainty. I am choosing optimism as I embark upon a new year. I am writing this story, defining the narrative and inviting you to do the same. Who knew what 2020 would bring? And if we did I am certain we would have done most things differently, even being a little more optimistic about our choices and choosing yes. I choose yes for ICF Michigan this year as a Board Member and will give my all to our programs to enable our coaches to provide optimism for our clients.

Kimberly Neely

I am excited to be a part of this board that represents a community of Coaches that see’s the best in others and the world and I am committed to investing in the growth of our Michigan chapter. I feel hopeful that the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions and limitations will make most people in 2021 appreciate each other, human interactions and being alive but also seek assistance from members of ICF to pursue their dreams and goals. 

Scott Pegg
Scott Pegg

Our new year will present a number of unique opportunities to lift up, support and come alongside fellow coaches and Chapter members, … opportunities for both personal and professional growth and development.  As coaches we have a unique opportunity to help create an environment in which insights, actions and outcomes take on a whole new meaning for people.  I look forward to partnering with the Board and fellow ICF MI Chapter members in a manner that these possibilities become realities.

Carole Porambo

I am so honored and excited to be part of the ICF Michigan board! I am looking forward to getting to know and collaborating with the board and the members to promote the coaching profession and to provide strong support to our members. I am hopeful that in 2021 we will once again be able to physically gather and engage. Here’s to an exciting year that is filled with purpose, clarity, action, and intention.

Mat Riley

As an ICF board member I most look forward to exploring processes and relationships with a fresh set of eyes. This will inspire progress and innovation to close gaps and build bridges between today and the future. For me, one of the strongest drivers of hope is groups of people working collaboratively in the spirit of stewardship for the greater good. 

Sandra Schiff

As an ICF Michigan Board Member, I am confident that we as a Coaching Community will present opportunity, possibilities and reflection as we move into 2021….we have learned so much this past year during unprecedented times. We will thrive, survive and continue to bring focus to our profession.