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Meet the icf michigan 2020 board of directors

And read their answers to the question: "What are you excited about for 2020?"

Cheron Freeman, President

I am beyond excited to serve as your Chapter President in 2020! Our focus in 2020 is building and sustaining strategic partnerships with members, employers, and the community. We look forward to bringing you expanded face to face and virtual programming that enhances your business and professional development as well as our regular webinars coaches cafes and special events. I can't wait to meet and work with you! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or other board members if you have any questions.

Jackie Browning, Past-President

I’m excited about the new offerings this “Dream Team” Board will implement in 2020. The ICF Michigan Charter Chapter of coaches will continue to focus on creating an intentional coaching culture – New Hope for everyone.

Beth Buelow, President-Elect, 2021

With the recent roll-out of ICF’s updated Core Competency Model and Code of Ethics, we’re going to have a lot to talk about in 2020! I’m excited about the opportunity to take a fresh look at the model and to organize virtual and in-person educational programming that supports the transition. Our goal is to provide outstanding learning opportunities and support for all levels of coaching, from newbie to experienced. Let us know if there’s any way we can create more value for your membership! I’m also delighted to be serving as President-Elect in 2020 and look forward to building on the already amazing work done by our current leadership. I welcome your feedback, questions, and engagement. Thanks for being an ICF Michigan member!

Kaan Aksu

My coaching vision is to “Create value and positive energy in the world, for all of us to live a purposeful life in harmony”. During my second year as the Member Relations Champion, my commitment for 2020 is to provide service for our coaching community with the same vision and foster deeper relationships with new and existing members to support the growth of coaching business in our chapter.

Venus J. Brown

Last year I stopped with a list of resolutions - though I became a little more resolute in my direction as a professional, as a coach, as a leader of a team and as a contributor to our society. My focus last year was to be more intentional in all that I do, how I show up, and in what is received through my interactions. Boy, did I have plenty of opportunities to practice intention, sometimes, several times daily. Well, approaching 2020 I'm resolving to be more purposeful (sounds much like intentional) with commitment to take time to be present, compassionate, and in the moment. And in coaching isn't that fundamental to providing the best service, being present, compassionate and in the moment? With that I am looking forward to 2020 with clarity and purpose of how to offer the best of me to all of those I encounter, to each ICF Michigan member and potential member. May we all leave each interaction better because of it.

Jodee Gibson

I am excited and honored to serve as a leader for the ICF Michigan chapter and to continue the efforts of the previous years. Creating alignment between the ICF core competencies and the people we serve, coaches and clients alike, is the ideal outcome. With intentional teamwork and servant leadership we can create a rich and powerful culture of coaches.

Matt McCarty

In my second year as an ICF board member, I am looking forward to making more connections and friends through our ICF chapter events and activities.  As Marketing Champion, I would like to expand our marketing efforts.  I’m looking forward to working with a team that will enable ICF Michigan to create even more value for our membership and for the client communities we serve.

Cathy Mott

The thought of 2020 ignites great excitement from within because most often when people think about 20/20 it is often in reference to our vision. So with that thought in mind I am excited about getting really focused on obtaining my MCC in 2020 along with supporting ICF Michigan. I love the progress that ICF Michigan has made around Transforming Through Partnerships. We have partnered with many different organizations (Denso, Trinity Health, Ford, Henry Ford) through our conferences and networking events that has created such a sense of community and support along with expanded opportunities for our coaches. I'm also excited about supporting the Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation's coaching program. I love helping others step into the greatness and AWAF provides another opportunity to assist others in their growth. 2020 will be a year of focus for me.

Jennifer Wilson

2020 will provide more opportunity for our ICF Michigan Coaches to get to know one another. As our coaching friendships grow, we create opportunities for the progression of coaching. I love how we support each other. We have some of the best coaches on the planet, right here in Michigan!