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Core Competency Webinars
Professional Development Speaker Webinars

10.10.2023 - Coach and Client: A Deep Dive Into Why Values Matter: How to Apply Them to All Relationships with Amy Schoen

09.12.2023 - Too Much College, Not Enough Kindergarten with Deborah Westcott

09.20.2023 - Conflict Management Coaching: What Makes the Coaching Process Different with Cinnie Noble

08.08.2023 -  Grounded Embodied Goals in Coaching with Lyssa DeHart

08.17.2023 - Establishing Peer-Like Status: Up-leveling Your Client Base with Erin Berube

No Core Comp call for July.
07.11.2023 - How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of the LinkedIn Pie to Grow Your Coaching Business" with guest speaker Brenda Meller

06.06.2023 - "Coaching for What Is Possible: Cultivating Courage with Your Clients" with guest speaker Sonja Stetzler

06.16.2023 -  "Funcomfortable: The Uncomfortably Fun Truth About Growth" with guest speaker James Garrett

No May Webinar

05.17.2023 - "Legal Considerations for Starting a Coaching Business" with guest speaker Barbara Zabawa

04.11.2023 - "Using Silence to Maintain Presence and Evoke Awareness" with guest speaker Laura Janusik 

04.20.2023 - "Counterintuitive Leadership Summary" with guest speaker Mike Rhodabarger

03.21.2023 - "Facilitating Client Growth" with Scott Pegg, ACC
No March Recording

02.14.2023 - "Embodies a Coaching Mindset" with Julianne Phillips, ACC

02.16.2023 - "What Does it Mean to Belong" with guest speakers Joan Haan, PCC and Seetha Karuppiah, ACC

No January Core Competency Webinar

01.19.2023 - "3 Ways to Make it EASY for Clients to Invest with YOU!... just by pinpointing your ROI" with Lisa Ann Edwards

No December Core Competency Webinar

12.08.2022 - How to Double Your Rates with High Ticket Programs That Sell with Krista Martin, PCC

11.08.2022 - "Listens Atively" with Christina Stathopoulos, PCC

11.17.2022 -  "Websites that Win Clients" with Pauline Wiles 

10.25.2022 - Facilitates Client Growth 
10.20.2022 -  "Using Silence to Maintain Presence and Evoke Awareness for Coaches across the Lifespan" with Laura Janusik

09.13.2022 -  Evoke Awareness by Shining the Light on Mental Models 
09.15.2022 - "What do you want? Coaching the Inner Desires" with Chuck Gohn

06.14.2022 - "Listens Actively" with Jenna Stoliker, PCC

06.16.2022 - Beyond the Levels of Listening: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Expanding our Listening Capability with Debra "Rockey" Rockey

05.10.2022  - Maintains Presence with Beth Buelow, PCC
05.19.2022 - "Lost in Translation: 3 Secrets to Successfully Communicate in Times of Chaos and Uncertainty" with guest speaker Kristina Albert, ACC

04.12.2022 - Cultivates Trust and Safety with Pat Barlow, MCC
04.21.2022 - "Appreciating Personality Styles in Clients and the Coaching Relationship" with Amy Rhode

03.08.2022 - Establishes and Maintains Agreements with Ben Dooley, MCC

03.17.2022 - "STRAIGHT TALK! What it REALLY Takes to Succeed as a Coach!" with guest speaker Denise Hedges

02.08.2022 - "Embodies a Coaching Mindset"

02.17.2022 - "2 Secret Listening Strategies to Enhance Coaches’ Active Listening" with Laura Janusik

01.11.2022 - "Demonstrating Ethical Practice" with Cheron Freeman, ACC 

01.20.2022 - "More Clients, Less Marketing: How to Create More Leads and Income by Doing LESS" with Mary Cravets

12.14.2021 - Reflecting Back, Reflecting Forward with Scott Pegg, PCC
No December 2021 Professional Development Webinar

11.09.2021 - "Active Listening" with facilitator Cathy Mott, MCC

11.18.2021 - "Playing with the Power of Metaphors" with Lyssa deHart, MCC

10.12.2021  - "Facilitates Client Growth" with facilitator Beth Buelow, PCC

10.20.2021 - "Leading Across Cultures" with Andrea Fleischfresser, PCC

09.14.2021 - "Evokes Awareness, Part 2" with facilitator Alan Heymann
09.23.2021 - "Time and Action Mastery" with Michael Charest

08.10.2021 - "Evokes Awareness, Part 1" with facilitator Alan Heymann

08.19.2021 - "The Cancer Journey Roadmap" with David Kegley, ACC

06.08.2021 - "Maintaining Presence"

06.17.2021 - "Using NLP in Coaching" with Jodee Gibson, PCC

05.11.2021 - "Cultivates Trust and Safety"

05.20.2021 - "Mindset Matters: Be Aware and Intentional" with Janet Harvey, MCC

04.13.2021 - "Establishes and Maintains Agreements"

04.08.2021 - "Careers in a Tailspin: How You Can Help Through Career Coaching" with guest speakers Jennifer Chapman and Sandy Mobley

03.09.2021 - "Embodies Coaching Mindset"
March's Professional Development Webinar was a multi-chapter event, sponsored by ICF Indiana. 

02.09.2021 - "Coaching Ethics Exploration, Part 2"

02.25.2021 - Jennifer Britton - "6 Principles for Coaching Teams and Groups"

01.12.2021 - "Ethics"

01.21.2021 - Jill Lublin - "Stay Visible in Troubled Times, Using Publicity"

12.08.2020 - "Communicating Effectively"
No Professional Development Webinar in Dec.

11.10.2020 - "Managing Progress and Accountability"

No Professional Development Webinar in Nov.

10.13.2020 - "Planning and Goal Setting"

10.20.2020 - Jonathan Reitz  - "Ethics, Confidentiality, and Paperwork: What Every Coach Should Have in Their Toolkit"

09.08.2020 - "Designing Actions"

09.17.2020 - Melanie Parish - "Experimental Leadership: Tools for Coaching"

08.11.2020 Evokes Awareness

08.18.2020 Virtual Coaching Fishbowl

07.14.2020 - "Direct Communication"

07.16.2020 - Kathy Harman - "Listening for Awareness"

06.09.2020 Core Competency - "Powerful Questioning"

06.25.2020 Barbara Boldt Webinar - "Communicating Credibility, Trust & Authenticity Outside of the 'Coaching Container'" 

05.12.2020 Core Competency  - "Listens Actively"

05.14.2020 Marianne Griebler Recording - "Creating Your Contingency Communication Plan: Effective Strategies for When the Unexpected Happens"

04.14.2020 Core Competency - Coaching Presence

04.16.2020 Miles Razza - "Questioning Coaching: Interrogating our Blind Spots and Precious Perspectives"

03.10.2020 Core Competency - Cultivates Trust and Safety

03.12.2020 Mary Cravets - "Speaking for Free: A Surprisingly Profitable Way to Attract New Clients"

02.11.2020 Core Competency Webinar - Establishes and Maintains Agreements

02.27.2020 Simon and Trish Presland Webinar - "Roots Discovery Coaching Model" 

01.14.2020 Core Competency Webinar - Demonstrates Ethical Practice

01.16.2020 Bryan Smith and Cindy Thomas Webinar - "Transformational Coaching through Shadow Work"

12.10.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Reviewing the ICF's New Core Competency Model

10.24.2019 Beth Tuttle Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

11.19.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Creating Awareness

09.19.2019-Jan-Berg-Webinar from ICF Michigan

10.15.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Ethical Guidelines

08.15.2019 Cathy Mott Webinar from ICF Michigan

09.17.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Active Listening 

07.18.2019 Ben Dooley Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

08.20.2019 Core Competency Webinar  - Designing Actions 

06.27.2019 Tara Butler Floch Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

07.16.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Planning and Goal Setting

05.23.2019 Sheri Boone and Jamee Tenzer Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

06.18.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

04.18.2019 Dave Miller Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

05.21.2019 Core Competency Recording - Establishing the Coaching Agreement

03.21.2019 Gary Henson Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

04.16.2019 Core Competency Webinar - Powerful Questioning

02.21.2019 Krista Martin Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

03.19.2019 Core Competency Recording - Direct Communication

01.22.2019 Michael Kline Webinar Recording from ICF Michigan

02.19.2019 Core Competency Recording  - Coaching Presence