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Summer 2013


Dear ICF Michigan Coaches:


Turning the corners of the calendar from July to August always causes me to go into a bit of a funk. How can summer be so fleeting? Despite my grumbling, I must admit it's been a wonderful summer providing ample time to balance work with weekend pleasures. The Tigers are on a "come back" and summertime beauty and abundance are on display everywhere. It's a perfect time to reflect on ABUNDANCE as it relates to our coaching community. As I write this summer newsletter, I marvel at the abundance of contributions being made by fellow coaches within our ICF chapter.

One example is the excellent work being done in preparing for the ICF Michigan Statewide Forum.  This year's theme is "GROW Your Coaching Business - Making it Happen!" Why is it that some very competent and committed coaches are able to financially succeed and others struggle to survive? One of the goals of ICF Michigan is to support members who follow this career path, who launch their own coaching practice with the intention of making it a viable business. We want more coaches to be successful - with businesses that grow year after year, providing sustainable financial returns.  


The Annual Forum in October is dedicated to doing just that. It is dedicated to the work of creating, building and sustaining viable coaching businesses for new and experienced coaches. The Forum will be held at the Okemos Conference Center on Thursday, October 17, 2013. If you don't have it on your calendar already I encourage you to do so because you won't want to miss it.


Other rich learning opportunities have abounded this year. ICF Michigan launched its new Teleclass series in June with attendance that far exceeds expectations. Check here for upcoming topics and speakers. The West Michigan Forum and the Midwest Regional Conference held in June were well attended and received stellar feedback. Our regional Coach Cafes continue to meet on a regular basis with growing outreach and attendance.  


Given this abundance of coach activity and learning, there is still room for more. ICF Michigan is committed to assisting all coaches to grow their coaching skills and become ICF credentialed, should they choose to do so. Please see the sidebar box describing the Coaching Core Competency Telecalls beginning this Fall. Volunteers are needed to co-facilitate this new offering.

So - thanks to all you coaches who show up at coach cafes as well as those of you who plan, facilitate or participate in learning and networking experiences for ICF Michigan. Your contributions are making ICF Michigan a vibrant and growing professional community. The abundance of your energy and gifts has made this entire year a season of plenty.

Warm Regards,


Barb Grigsby  

2013 ICF Michigan President





August 14th Teleclass

"Selling Without Hype or Manipulation Using the Core Competencies" with Denis Hedges.   Click here for more information, and the link to register.

October 17th Annual Statewide Forum
In Okemos, MI.  Don't miss our all-day event packed with business development sessions, special speakers and panelists, networking and more.  Click here for more information. 

Affiliate Relationship - MBPA and ICF Michigan
Consider joining the Michigan Business and Professional Association (MBPA) (http://michbusiness.org/). Benefits of membership include joining an association of 20,000 business owners and professionals, state-wide networking events and seminars, vendor discounts, and much more. ICF Michigan members will be invited to join MBPA at a substantially discounted annual rate of $50 (normally $125).



Please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Board members with questions, observations or suggestions.   


Barb Grigsby, President


Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff, Vice-President, Marketing and Outreach Champion 


Mary Selzer, Treasurer


Mary Jo Asmus, Website Champion 


Jan Martinez, Sponsorship Champion


Rebecca Kraus, Education and Events Champion


Lori Kerlin, Education and Events Champion

Sandy Marshall
, Education and Events Champion

Deb Voyt
, Membership and Volunteer Opportunities Champion  

Kathy Vlietstra
, Administrator   

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ICF Michigan is opening its doors to coaching-related sponsors and advertisers.  The dollars generated will help to underwrite future ICF Michigan programs and will help keep our membership dues and activities at their current affordable rate.


In an effort to identify organizations that would be willing to serve as advertisers and/or sponsors of ICF Michigan, we need your assistance in collecting information.  Please click here to take the Membership Survey;


ICF Michigan Statewide
Annual Forum -

October 17th


Are you a new or experienced coach seeking to grow your coaching business? Join us for our upcoming Statewide Annual Forum, "GROW Your Coaching Business - Making it Happen!". Come learn, grow and be challenged! Learn more here.  



Interested in continuing to GROW your coaching skills AND on giving back to the coach community??

A great way to make this happen is to co-facilitate the planned ICF Michigan Coaching Core Competency Telecalls this Fall!  If you are an ICF credentialed coach and have a passion to help others "raise the bar" on their coaching, then please contact Kyle Kinder

We need your help to launch this important offering!  



Come and join us for Collaborative Coaching Conversations!

Click Here for more information about locations and meeting dates for Coach Cafés.



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August 14th Teleclass

October 17th Statewide Annual Forum 

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