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January 2013   
Barb G Dear ICF Michigan Community,

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year? I hope not. To my way of thinking, if it's still January, it's still a new year. It's taken me a few weeks to get my feet on the ground as your new ICF MI President, but I think I'm finding my footing and am now ready to begin the journey. So, welcome to a new year of participating in the growing ranks of Michigan Coaches.

I've given this leadership role of President a lot of thought. I found myself thinking over the holidays, "What do I have to say to fellow coaches?" OR "What do I want to evoke from them?" The theme that keeps coming up for me is summed up in the word "Engagement". What does it mean to be engaged and how does being engaged make a difference? To borrow a phrase from Oprah, "What I know for sure...." is that only when I'm fully engaged am I able to be my best self. Engagement requires full attention as well as full intention. It requires energy and the will to participate. It's the difference between being an enthusiastic bystander and having the team uniform on, ready to be put in the game at any moment.  


So, with this newsletter, I'm launching the year of ENGAGEMENT in ICF Michigan. As a way of demonstrating this, I invite you to participate each month in a conversation related to coaching. The point is to call forth more of your voices - to use this monthly newsletter as one of many forums for the exchange of ideas and wisdom from one coach to another.


Here's the Coaching Question for this month:

What motivates you (or your clients) to become engaged in anything?

If you choose to share your thoughts and insights with the rest of us, please simply follow these guidelines:

  1. Submit 1-2 sentences (only) that respond to the Question and sheds light on the subject
  2. Your name, company name and years of coaching experience
  3. Send your response to support@icfmichigan.org

While it won't be possible to post all of your contributions, a selection of your thoughts will be published in the following month's newsletter.


While we're on the topic of engagement, I encourage you to consider what you can do this year to be more fully engaged in ICF MI. We need your assistance on committees; we need your experience and talents to help us grow and to bring enriching development experiences to our members. There are a number of requests for volunteers at the bottom of this newsletter - please consider one of many opportunities to make a contribution to your fellow

coaches and to our chosen profession.


I'm excited to be working with a newly elected Board of Directors comprised of experienced, committed coaches who are passionate about coaching and about ICF MI. If you haven't been to the website lately, I encourage you to check it out and become familiar with your 2013 Board members. I've asked each of them to provide a simple statement about what has them excited about ICF MI. I was inspired by their responses and hope you are as well.


So - Welcome to ICF MI in 2013! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at one of the Coach Cafes or events in the months ahead.



Warm Regards,

Barb Grigsby

2013 ICF Michigan President




Upcoming Events Highlights

  • Michigan Coaches Cafes. The Coach Cafes' meet monthly and continue to provide a dynamic and supportive experience for those who participate.  They are geographically dispersed in four areas throughout the state.  If you have not already done so you are encouraged to check out one of the Cafes' in your area.  For more information, please visit the Events Page on the ICF Michigan website, click on the Coaches Cafes' flyer at the bottom of the page, or refer to the blue box at the end of this newsletter.

    NOTE about the Mid-Michigan Cafe on February 13 at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing.  Shawn Johnson is our speaker on "Positive Psychology."  Positive Psychology is a field burgeoning with amazing discoveries.  For example, did you know that practicing gratefulness can ward against depression?  Or that positive emotions can promote long life?  According to evidence based data, all of us have inherent character strengths - the key is to know and use them in our daily lives.  In this lively presentation, Dr. Shawn Johnson will survey the latest findings in positive psychology and invite mid-Michigan coaches to experiment with the power of laughter and smiles. What's so good about feeling good?  The answer may astound you!   (All participants are invited to take the free VIA Virtual Strengths test at www.viacharacter.org and bring your top five strengths with you!)  
  • Affiliate Relationship - MBPA and ICF Michigan.
    Consider joining the Michigan Business and Professional Association (MBPA)(http://michbusiness.org/). Benefits of membership include joining an association of 20,000 business owners and professionals, state-wide networking events and seminars, vendor discounts, and much more. ICF Michigan members will be invited to join MBPA at a substantially discounted annual rate of $50 (normally $125).
  • Become a member of ICF Michigan (or renew your membership if you need to).Click here for more information and to become a member.

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