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September 2014


Dear fellow coaches,
Welcome to autumn, to the time of leaves slowly turning red, the temperatures dropping slowly, and the final spurt in reaching the goals set for this year. Where are you in reaching your goals and what is your wish for the rest of this year?
One wish of mine is to further explore my intuition and how to better tap into it. Dictionaries describe intuition as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning (online) or a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence (Merriam-Webster). It is a hunch, a gut feeling, or something you just know, but can't explain. It is the person you instinctively trust or don't trust. It is something you can't put your finger on. It is the next question we coaches ask...
Intuition is a broad topic that much has been written about. It comes naturally to some and can be too "woo-woo" for others, but we all have it. The question is just whether we acknowledge it and how we tap into it. Another question is: what do intuitive people do differently? Here are just a few things:
-    They take time for solitude
-    They observe
-    They listen to their bodies
-    They connect deeply with others
-    They listen to their inner voices
By listening to our bodies, we listen to our gut. It is when we feel giddy or queasy or ill to our stomachs that we know to either do something or not. The brain may think otherwise, but our gut is usually right.
It is the listening to the inner voices that I find to be really powerful. I use the term "Inner Team" coined by Friedemann Schulz von Thun, a well-known coach in Germany. One way I tap into my intuition is by connecting to the voices of that inner team. If I wish to fulfill a task, but something is holding me back, what is that? Intuition? Something else? Procrastination possibly?
I decided to add a bit of a spin to my example and throw into the mix a good friend many of us have: the Procrastinator. There is a task at hand we know we have to get done. In building a business around coaching there are many tasks, but we wind ourselves around some of them, we dance around them, we squirm at the thought of them, we clean the whole house, and we just don't sit down and do them. Why not?
I identify and ask my Inner Team. There is the Motivator, the Visionary, the Planner, the Geek, and the Procrastinator. The Motivator cheers everyone on to get the tasks done. The Visionary is the one with the vision for the coaching business, the one with the big picture; the Planner is the one with the clipboard and the to-do lists; the Geek is the one that is curious about the technology and things like a websites or social media.  And the Procrastinator? He is the one holding everyone and everything up. But why? Does the Procrastinator feel understood? Every voice on this team has a reason and a right to be there. The voices communicate with each other and they each have a role, a function, and a positive intention. What message is the Procrastinator really trying to send? It could be a number of things such as a reminder to take the first step before diving into the second, to reevaluate a decision, or it could a reminder to practice self-care. Once I have understood the messages and the voices are in agreement, I can move on, and I do so with more ease. And all of a sudden the Procrastinator isn't the bad guy anymore.
Another thing I do: I go to yoga. Sometimes I take an issue with me to the mat. It is then during that hour, in which I take time to listen to and observe my body, that I can disconnect and I leave the class knowing what to do next. Another way to tap into intuition is through practicing mindfulness and meditation. It always comes back to one thing: listening. Be it to the body, heart, dreams, or inner voices, it is through listening that we can connect with our intuition.
How do you tap into your intuition and where can you best do it? How do you listen to the messages that your body and the voices within are sending you? How do you use this in your personal life and in your coaching? Please feel free to share anything on our ICF Michigan Facebook page!
The "Inner Team" is one of the many tools, adjusted to my needs, which I use as a coach. To help you fill your toolbox, ICF Michigan strives to offer many opportunities to connect, share, and learn. See below for all updates on TeleClasses and Coach Cafés. Please make sure to register for the ICF Michigan State Conference on October 23rd, and note that the Early Bird discount ends September 30th!
Elections for the 2015 ICF Michigan Board of Directors will be coming up in October. Mahatma Gandhi said, "In a gentle way you can shake the world," and this is your opportunity to join this fabulous, talented, and truly dedicated team to shake the profession of coaching in Michigan, in a gentle way. Stay tuned for more.
Until next time, stay energized and keep listening,

Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff

2014 ICF Michigan President

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2014 ICF Michigan State Conference - "Your Business: Today and Tomorrow's Coach"


It's less than a month until or our annual ICF Michigan State Conference on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 in Okemos, MI!  This promises to be a fantastic day filled with great speakers, workshops, learning and sharing.  Join us as we celebrate 10 years of ICF Michigan and the community we have created. 
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In a demonstration of ongoing commitment to
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Scholarships will cover the membership fee in part or in full and are available to individuals who are studying to become a coach or continuing their coach education. Applicants must be actively involved in current ICF or ICF Michigan Programs, events, or committees and be willing to support the ICF Michigan mission, vision, values, and community. Please see the ICF Michigan website for more information about this exciting new opportunity!

October 15th Core Competency Teleclass
Topic: "Facilitating Learning and Results: Planning and Goal Setting"
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October 29th Teleclass with guest Carla Reeves

Topic:  "Sales Can Be a Breeze if You're Equipped:  Mastering the Core Competencies to Increase Sales"
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