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May 2013


Dear ICF Michigan Community:


May is a good month to  reflect on the value of investing in our chosen profession. We just celebrated International Coaching Week last week (see sidebar) and the ICF Midwest Regional Conference to be held in Minneapolis is just one month away. The subject of investing in our own development or "sharpening the saw" as Stephen Covey puts it, is the focus of this newsletter

Earlier this month, I attended a conference with fellow coaches from my coaching school in San Francisco. Besides having a wonderful time reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, I was grateful for the opportunity to learn again - to be in the presence of intelligent, experienced, and healthy human beings who were committed to doing this work of coaching in a way that was compassionate, informed, and integral. We listened to poet, David Whyte, talk about the challenge of life "transitions" and we engaged in "open space" convericf logo less white around edgessations that explored opportunities that beckon us to full commitment and service.  I left that gathering on a "high" and still feel the afterglow. I also left with the tangible reminder of the importance of "Self Care" as a coach - the need to feed my brain, open my heart and yes, even stretch my body in new ways so that I can be a better human being and a better coach for others.  

With that recent experience in mind, I invite you to do the same for yourself.

The ICF Midwest Regional Conference is just around the corner: June 20-22 in Minneapolis. The program looks to be quite exciting and the prospect of spending a couple of days with fellow coaches could be the shot in the arm that's needed.  Please visit http://icf-midwest.com/ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­for details and take the leap!  Join other MI coaches in Minneapolis for what will surely be a fantastic experience. I asked some coaches who attended last year's Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago to submit testimonial statements about their experiences last year. Hopefully their testimonials will inspire you to register for the upcoming conference. You can see these testimonials on the ICF Michigan website.   

There is an exciting Teleclass scheduled for June 6 with Michael Stratford.   Be sure to check out the information below and sign up for this accessible, exciting program.   


Many of you attended the Spring Forum in Grand Rapids on May 16 and had the chance to learn from Michigan coach, Grace Menzel and improvisational actor, Sarah Cavanaugh. I regretted not being able to attend the Forum due to my travel back from San Francisco, but I heard it was fantastic.

ICF Michigan is dedicated to providing opportunities for ongoing professional development and we are now pleased to offer continuing education credit (CEU) for our programs. Please, take advantage of these offerings so that you continue to bring a better you to each coaching engagement.  

Be well, 



Barb Grigsby  

2013 ICF Michigan President





June 6th Teleclass

"Provoke, Evoke or Go Home" with Michael Stratford.  Click here for more info about this class and a link to register.

July 17th Teleclass

"Coaching at the Intersection of Success and Spirituality:  Integrating Business and Spirituality in Coaching" with Val Hastings and Cornelia Shipley.  More info coming very soon so be on the lookout!

Affiliate Relationship - MBPA and ICF Michigan
Consider joining the Michigan Business and Professional Association (MBPA) (http://michbusiness.org/). Benefits of membership include joining an association of 20,000 business owners and professionals, state-wide networking events and seminars, vendor discounts, and much more. ICF Michigan members will be invited to join MBPA at a substantially discounted annual rate of $50 (normally $125).



Please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Board members with questions, observations or suggestions.   


Barb Grigsby, President


Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff, Vice-President, Marketing and Outreach Champion 


Mary Selzer, Treasurer


Mary Jo Asmus, Website Champion 


Jan Martinez, Sponsorship Champion


Rebecca Kraus, Education and Events Champion


Lori Kerlin, Education and Events Champion

Sandy Marshall
, Education and Events Champion

Deb Voyt
, Membership and Volunteer Opportunities Champion  

Kathy Vlietstra
, Administrator   


We can't wait to hear of some of the exciting and fun things you did to promote coaching in your local communities.

Please submit a brief description (and photo, if you have one) of your offering to

support@icfmichigan.org by June 30th so that we can include it in next month's Newsletter.



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