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June 2013


Dear ICF Michigan Coaches:


I'm so proud to be a coach!

I say this because of recent experiences. Here are a couple of examples...

Last week was the Midwest Regional Coach Conference in Minneapolis. What a wonderful event! Everything about the experience was positive. What stands out for me is the quality of break out speakers, the quality of one to one conversations with coaches I never met before, and the amount of fun and joy that was woven into the entire gathering and well-planned events.

Being with fellow coaches is uplifting and inspiring. We all love the work that we do, so our shared attitude and emotion is positive. We all want to be better, to improve our skillfulness, so we share an intention of openness to new ideas and tools that will support our clients. We all desire to connect with others who are committed to making the world a better place, so we welcome diversity in all its forms and look for moments of integration.

Upon returning home, I had a wonderful phone conversation with one of ICF Michigan's more experienced coaches - a woman I have never had the pleasure of meeting. While this woman has been successfully coaching for 9+ years following her certification with Coach U, she told her daughter that even if she was never able to make a dollar from her work as a coach, the difference that coaching has made in her personal life was enough. That resonated so deeply with me. What I've learned about myself through my coach training and in subsequent seminars, conferences, teleconferences, and in every interaction with committed coaches has made a profound difference in the quality of my life. I am so very grateful.

What a wonderful life we coaches have! ... the chance to experience the fullness of our own lives and to provide the same opportunity to our clients.

Enjoy the summer months ahead and the life and work you choose.

Warm Regards,


Barb Grigsby  

2013 ICF Michigan President





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Barb Grigsby, President


Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff, Vice-President, Marketing and Outreach Champion 


Mary Selzer, Treasurer


Mary Jo Asmus, Website Champion 


Jan Martinez, Sponsorship Champion


Rebecca Kraus, Education and Events Champion


Lori Kerlin, Education and Events Champion

Sandy Marshall
, Education and Events Champion

Deb Voyt
, Membership and Volunteer Opportunities Champion  

Kathy Vlietstra
, Administrator   

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