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December 2015


Rebecca Kraus, 2015 ICF Michigan President 

My Dear Coaches,  


This morning I look out at the darkness of the morning, sitting at my office desk and writing my last ICF Michigan newsletter and message to you. It doesn't seem possible that 2015 has come and gone so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I experienced the panic of January and the first month as your President. That first month, and several to follow! were filled with learning all the myriad number of tasks and responsibilities that one can not really know until you sit in this seat!

I think with fondness and appreciation of our 2014 President, Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff who was there for me in those early months to catch me and to provide sanity checks. Thank you dear friend for your friendship and support!

Susanne showed me the way to prepare an incoming President throughout her term of service in 2014, keeping me up to speed on issues, seeking my involvement, asking me to take on certain responsibilities. With that example I wanted to "pay it forward" in 2015 with our Vice President and Incoming 2016 President Mary Selzer. I hope I have provided you Mary with the support and guidance that Susanne so generously provided me. You are going to be a great President! And as Susanne, I will be there for you with whatever you need in 2016.

To the Board members leaving our Board this year, continued success!  Over the last 3-4 years I have had the pleasure of developing wonderful relationships with Jan Martinez, Kathy Munoz and Sandy Marshall that will extend beyond their service on our Board. They, along with Aaron Handelsman who served in 2015 freely gave of their time and knowledge to helping build ICF Michigan into a premier ICF chapter. Jan has been instrumental in co-championing with Lisa Bradley-Mitchell our fabulous 2015 ICF Michigan Conference, acting as a coach facilitator of the Core Competency calls AND facilitating the Royal Oak Coaching Café. Kathy Munoz has ably guided our largest committee, Education and Development. Sandy Marshall created and launched our wildly successful Community Outreach program and was aided in that effort this year by Aaron. Sandy also co-championed our 2014 conference. I am indebted to each of you for your support, friendship, wisdom and unflaggable spirits! Bless you all my friends!

To those Board members continuing into their second term, it has been a wonderful experience to get to know and work with you. It has been such a pleasure to watch Nadine Henry continue to build the Ann Arbor Café! Nadine also took on the role of our Marketing Champion in 2015 and brought a strategic mindset to our positioning of our chapter. Vicki Hepler joined us on the Board in 2015, replacing Deb Vogt, and has done an extraordinary job working with Member Relations to re-engineer our member outreach. Vicki, like Nadine, brings years of business experience into our chapter, helping us strengthen our structure to be the best we can be for you, our members. Lisa Bradley-Mitchell served as our first Secretary this year, and was instrumental in website changes we made to make our site more user friendly. She also co-championed our 2015 conference. Thank you Lisa, Nadine and Vicki!

On behalf of our chapter, let me offer a huge WELCOME to our new two-year term Board members Jackie Browning, Andrea Fleischfresser and Becki Fraser. I promise you a 2016 filled with collaboration, laughter, responsibility and fulfillment. Thank you for your willingness to serve ICF Michigan on our Board. I look forward to getting to know you all in 2016!

The sky is turning light now. A new day, like the New Year is quickly approaching. I feel a sense of sadness but also of pride for what I have been given the opportunity to experience working with all these wonderful coaches. I think back over the year and all the experiences we have shared. It has been a year of change within ICF and that change rumbled through our chapter. In 2016 we were tasked with implementing ICF's CMER, the Chapter Member Eligibility Requirement. This change, requiring all voting members also belong to ICF as well as our state chapter was required to be implemented by December 31st of this year. At the same time we established a new renewal date of June for our membership renewals. I am happy to say that we made it through the transition and came out as strong as before. ICF Michigan is today comprised of 145 members! I look forward to this number growing in 2016 as we implement our new business plan and as more coaches discover the value we bring to our members!

2015 saw our chapter become stronger through the completion of our By-Law review, the revamping of Member Relations and the documentation of roles and responsibilities of our Committees, Chairs and Champions.  With the guidance of Susanne and Mary, The Board also created a business plan that is now modeled in alignment with other ICF chapters, bringing consistency to approach while reflecting the unique needs of our coach community.

Our Education and Development programs, tele-classes and cafes flourished in 2015, providing outstanding learning experiences through our facilitators and speakers. Education is a core purpose of ICF Michigan and I believe we provide one of the best programs in the nation. Special thanks to Mary Jo Asmus who headed up our Experienced Coaches calls who leaves us this year. MJ, you have been awesome and ICF Michigan thanks you!  Stepping into Mary Jo's shoes is none other than our amazing Master Coach and Thomas Leonard Award winner Barry Demp, who will host the 2016 calls. I can't wait! And- Kyle Kinder, thanks for your dedication to the Core Competency program! Thank you to all members who participated as volunteers in our educational events. My indebtedness to you is endless!

A highlight of ICF Michigan's 2015 was our incredible October Conference. Under the leadership of Susan Combs and our Board co-champions Lisa Bradley-Mitchell and Jan Martinez, we staged an extraordinary experience people are still talking about! For those of you who missed it, it was truly special!  From our keynote speaker Chris Johnson, to our wonderful break-outs to our TED-style (huge hit!) session, this conference was truly memorable.

One of my most special memories as President will be the two Board Advances we held this year, in February and October. Members may not be aware that each year, our Board gathers for an entire day, twice a year, to plan and assess. February kicked off the year with the opportunity to meet at the beautiful Grosse Pointe War Memorial for a day of getting to know each other, the building of friendship, laughter and serious strategic planning. Our second Advance was held in October at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate where we received a wonderful tour of the home and then plunged into an intensive day of business planning and preparations for 2016. It is during these times of work, intensity, mixed with laughter and camaraderie that our Board, and Boards of the past meld together, sharing perspectives and becoming a team. These days are very special and very important to the forming of a cohesive Board and a clear joint sense of direction and purpose. It was a joy for me to have experienced these moments with our 2015 Board.  I love you all!

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank our incredible Virtual Administrator, Kathy Vlietstra for her experience, guidance and support this year of my Presidency. Kathy is a constant within ICF Michigan; she knows our processes and systems and is the strand of continuity that helps new President's "get their act together" with a style that is both warm and tactful!  Kathy, thank you for everything you have done this year for our chapter and for me. I don't know what I would have done without you.

As I turn the proverbial baton of leadership over to incoming President Mary Selzer, I want you to know that it has been an incredible honor to serve as your President. To represent all of you at the 2014 Global Conference, to represent our state and chapter was incredible. I realized how our chapter, small in size compared to some, was mighty beyond words. We are mighty because of the dedication and hard work of the individuals you see working at our conferences, our classes, our cafés, our Board. All these people do what they do out of a love of coaching and a desire to further your success and fulfillment as coaches in our community. In 2016, please consider joining us, volunteer, get involved. I promise you, you won't regret it!

Happy Holidays to you!


One with you,

Rebecca Kraus

2015 ICF Michigan President


2016 ICF Michigan Board of Directors Elected 

Four Michigan coaches have been elected to serve two-year terms on the ICF Michigan Board of Directors. They are:

Lisa Bradley-Mitchell (Incumbent)

Jackie Browning

Andrea Fleischfresser

Beki Fraser

The full 2016 ICF Michigan Board of Directors will be comprised of the following individuals:

President: Mary Selzer,
Vice President: Vicki Hepler
Secretary: Lisa Bradley-Mitchell
Treasurer: Darren Johnston
Past President: Rebecca Kraus
Nadine Henry
Andrea Fleischfresser
Beki Fraser
Jackie Browning


Retiring 2015 Board Members:

Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff (Past President - 2014)
Aaron Handlesman (served one year)
Sandy Marshall
Jan Martinez
Kathy Munoz

A huge thank you to Susanne, Aaron, Sandy, Jan and Kathy for their service to ICF Michigan!  We will miss you but are excited by your commitment to our chapter and your desire to continue to support Michigan coaches through our Committees in 2016!




The results of the 2016 ICF Global Board of Directors election have been finalized. In compliance with the ICF bylaws and election process, voting was open November 4 - 18, 2015, to all ICF Global Members in good standing.

Based on the votes received, Jose Augusto L. Figueiredo, ACC (Brazil), and Tracy Sinclair, PCC (United Kingdom), were elected for two-year terms as ICF Global Board Directors.

Hilary Oliver, PCC (United Kingdom), and Leda Turai Petrauskiene, MCC (Lithuania), were elected for a second two-year term as ICF Global Board Directors.

Leda was also elected to a one-year term as 2016 ICF Global Board Chair.

The 2016 ICF Global Board of Directors will comprise:

  • Leda Turai Petrauskiene, MCC (Lithuania), 2016 ICF Global Board Chair
  • Peter Barr, MCC (Australia)
  • José Augusto Figueiredo, ACC (Brazil)
  • Wai K. Leong, MCC (Malaysia)
  • Pat Mathews, MCC (USA)
  • Bhaskar Natarajan, MCC (India)
  • Hilary Oliver, PCC (United Kingdom)
  • Tracy Sinclair, PCC (United Kingdom)
  • Dave Wondra, PCC (USA), Immediate Past Chair*

*Dave will serve the second year of his two-year term as Director concurrently

New online resource for prospective coaches, Upgraded Research Portal!!

The Become a Coach microsite launched in October at http://becomea.coach/. This is a new online resource for prospective coaches that answers most frequently asked questions by those contemplating coach training and certification. It is a really valuable resource for those wanting to become a coach!

Upgraded Research Portal
The Research Portal at Coachfederation.org received a facelift and was launched in mid-September. It is accessible at http://researchportal.coachfederation.org/. It contains 2,000 articles, case studies and reports about coaching and related topics. The portal is open to the public (though some resources are restricted to member access only).



  1. Instant Credibility - Gain instant credibility by becoming part of a local community of trained coaches.
  2. Continuing education - Free access to a number of programs and earn Continuing Coach Education Units CCEU's. ICF Michigan offers monthly Teleclasses, Core Competency Calls, and a bi-monthly Experienced Coach's Teleforum.
  3. Resource Center - Free Access to Teleclasses and Core Competency Teleclass Recordings, to the Newsletter Archive,  the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit files and to the Book Corner.
  4. Local opportunities - Participate in events that promote awareness of coaching and participate in our Community Outreach efforts.
  5. Give back to your community -  give back to your local coaching community and share the power of coaching with those in need.
  6. Local Connections - attend Coach Cafes and meet other coaches for networking, information sharing, and potential business/partnering opportunities.
  7. Coaching hours - Gain coaching hours toward your certification when you participate in our Community Outreach efforts.
  8. Grow your Business - Add your name to our Coach Directory and obtain referrals for business opportunities.
  9. Leadership Skills - Join one of our ICF Michigan Committees as a volunteer, work side-by-side with other talented coaches and help make a difference in your local coaching community.
  10. Scholarships - ICF Michigan offers four scholarships per year to support Michigan coaches enrolled in an International Coach Federation accredited coach-training program (ACTP).




Did You Know?

ICF Michigan and the Michigan Business & Professional Association (MBPA) have an affiliate relationship that allows our members to join and receive the benefits of their many services and programs offered to individuals and businesses. In addition to supporting businesses through Business Knowledge, Facilitated Networking, Legislative Influence and Health Care Reform Connect™, MBPA partners with over 100 companies to offer Financial Savings on products and services. 

ICF Michigan members who join MBPA will receive $25.00 off a one, two or three membership.  To take advantage of this offer, just mention that you are a member of ICF Michigan on the application submitted to MBPA.  For more information about this organization, visit their website at www.michbusiness.org

"Women for Change Coaching Community" - Coaches wanted!

Are you interested in making a difference in the world by using your coaching skills to help others? ICF Michigan is partnering with "Women for Change Coaching Community" (www.Women4ChangeCC.org) to provide volunteer coaches to help financially challenged women make powerful changes in their lives.  If you are looking for an opportunity to provide coaching by telephone, this may be a great fit for you. Better yet - you will receive "paid" coaching hours toward ICF certification! ICF Michigan coaches (men, you are welcome as well!) who have completed or are currently enrolled in coach training are invited to apply. Be one of the first to apply and receive a special benefit! Want to learn more? Contact Sandy@MarshallLeadershipGroup.com

ICF Michigan's Scholarship Program

In a demonstration of ongoing commitment to the coaching community, ICF Michigan has launched a new scholarship program for current or prospective ICF Michigan coaches. The scholarship program is designed to support and promote the highest standards of professional coaching in Michigan and serve our vibrant community where coaches connect, learn, grow, and succeed to best serve our clients.


Scholarships will cover the membership fee in part or in full and are available to individuals who are studying to become a coach or continuing their coach education. Applicants must be actively involved in current ICF or ICF Michigan Programs, events, or committees and be willing to support the ICF Michigan mission, vision, values, and community. Please see the ICF Michigan website

 for more information about this exciting opportunity!

Experienced Coaches' Teleforum 

If you have at least 500 hours of coaching experience, please join us! This is one of every-other-month sessions for experienced coaches where we explore some of the situations experienced coaches deal with. 

We have selected the 4th Tuesday of the following months to hold our future sessions beginning in February. Please mark your schedules with the following dates  and please note the December session will be on the 3rd Tuesday. These call will be at 4:00 pm Eastern Time.

February 23, April 26, June 28, August 23, October 25 and December 20. 

More information will be available soon, so save the dates for now!

Core Competency Teleclass Program

Stay tuned for our upcoming dates for the 2016 ICF Michigan Core Competency Program.  Please join us for 60 minutes of exploring the intent and practice of the ICF Core Competencies.  Check our website and be on the lookout for upcoming emails.

Monthly Teleclass Program

Our ICF Michigan Monthly Teleclass Program promises a 2015 filled with outstanding speakers and thought provoking topics. Join us! Earn continuing education credits free with your ICF membership or participate for a small fee as a guest. No matter how you look at it, the value is outstanding! Watch for our monthly e-mail announcements and website updates and mark your calendars now for:



January 13, 2016, 1:00PM-2:00PM, The Four Basic Legal Agreements Every Coach Needs, with Gene Policastri; 0.75 Resource Development and 0.25 Core Competency CCEUs.
Click here for more information and to register.

February 17, 2016, 1:00PM-2:30PM, Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water (Coaching and Ethics) with Tina Elliot, MCC; 1.5 Core Competency CCEUs.

March 16, 2016, 1:00PM-2:30PM, Coaching You and Your Clients to Inner Peace, with Mary Allen, MCC.


April 6, 2016, 1:00PM-2:30PM, Creating A Sustainable Business Model for Your Expertise, with Margie Beiswanger.

April 20, 2016 1:00PM-200PM, Turning Your Expertise Into Programs & Products for Your Ideal Clients, with Margie Beiswanger



Please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Board members with questions, observations or suggestions.


Rebecca Kraus, President

Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff, Past President

Mary Selzer, Vice-President, Member Relations

Lisa Bradley-Mitchell, Secretary 

Darren Johnston, Treasurer

Aaron Handelsman, Community Outreach and ICF Ethics Liaison

Nadine Henry, Marketing

Vicki Hepler, Marketing Relations 

Sandy Marshall
, Community Outreach

Jan Martinez, Education & Development 


Kathy Munoz, Education & Development

Kathy Vlietstra
, Administrator




DEADLINE - DEC. 31, 2015 


The coaching industry grows and evolves daily, creating new opportunities for professional coaches and new challenges to overcome. The 2015 Global Coaching Survey, commissioned by ICF and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, collects information and insights from coaches around the world to provide an up-to-date picture of the industry.


All professional business and personal coaches - regardless of ICF affiliation - are invited to take the survey.

Chapters that reach 100 responses per chapter will receive a separate report to share with their members providing invaluable information on coaching. This data is crucial in helping all of us build and grow our practices. PLEASE take a moment of your time to complete this invaluable survey and help ICF Michigan qualify for this special report.


The survey is accessible here:




Come and join us for Collaborative Coaching Conversations!  

Click Here
for more information about locations and meeting dates for Coach Cafés.



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