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April 2014


Dear fellow coaches,


We did it! (I think) We've gotten through the winter! Birds chirping, flowers budding and, true to the Motor City, cars coming out of the garages and people lining the streets to watch them. Yep, spring is here.


Can you feel it? Can you feel your skin soaking up the sun? Can you feel yourself going from the intentions you set last month (see the March 2014 Newsletter) to really engaging in fulfilling them? And, what role does the Easter Bunny have in this?


What is engagement? What engages you? How do you engage others?


Most of what can be found on the topic "Engagement"; by definition also "an appointment, arrangement, a promise or obligation" is specifically about "employee engagement". Yet it goes so much further. It can be translated into other parts of our lives. Gallup, Inc. introduced the "Four Dimensions of Employee Engagement" with the following questions: 

  1. What do I get?
    What materials and equipment do I get to work with, and what is expected of me? 
  2. What do I give?
    How do I contribute?  What kind of recognition do I receive? 
  3. Do I belong?
    Do I feel accepted?  Do my opinions count?
  4. How can we grow?
    What are the opportunities?  What has been the progress? 

If we take the employee part out of this, how does this show up in our personal lives and our coaching? In conversations and through observation, I've learned that engagement is closely tied to empowerment. Letting go, to let someone else take hold. I have given this some thought...  

  1. What do I get?
    I can look at what I have to work with and where I interact with my clients and I look at my 2 little "Coach Assistants", my cats, Wilson and Diego. I look at what I need to fulfill my intentions. How am I feeling empowered, and how much control do I have? What inspires me? As a coach, I can ask myself, "How can I make this about my client and not about me?" 
  2. What do I give?
    On all levels, this is about how I can contribute. What can I give as a friend, a family member, a coach, and a team member? What do I contribute to the fulfillment of my goals and intentions? How do I inspire and empower others? What can I let go of?
  3. Do I belong?
    This is big for me. The sense of belonging is very important to me. It is what made me loyal to the company I worked for before moving to Michigan, and what so strongly attracted me to ICF Michigan. The feeling of being valued, of mutual trust, and acceptance. A place of sharing, learning and laughter. A safe space to grow. If this is fulfilled for me, it is easier to reach my goals. As a Coach, do I enable my client to f feel this way? 
  4. How can we grow?
    What opportunities for personal growth do I have in the relationships and organizations I am a part of? How can what I am a part of grow? How can my clients grow? How can I fulfill the goals that I have set? And, what progress have I made? With a strong feeling of empowerment, there will be a strong level of engagement.  With a strong feeling of empowerment, there will be a strong level of engagement. 

In another article by the Ivey Business Journal, I came across the "10 C's of Employee Engagement" and took a closer look at a few of them:


  • Connect - valuing the people you interact with.
  • Clarity - being clear in visions, goals and expectations.
  • Congratulate - providing feedback. Any feedback.
  • Control - or rather letting go.  Letting others take on and take over.   
  • Collaborate - being a strong team member.
  • Credibility - demonstrating high ethical standards.

But not only "good leaders" can do this - anyone can. To me, this is what really hits home: I can engage only by being engaged myself. It's the letting go that can engage another to take hold and take the lead. It is the everyday mirror that we are, the give and take, and the being the change we want to see. We can empower others...it all starts within us.


What does engagement mean to you and how are you engaged? How do you engage others? Please share with us on the ICF Michigan Facebook page!


Engagement is really important to ICF Michigan. We engage our members by offering many ways to get involved, learn and share with our Coach Cafés, our fantastic TeleClasses and Core Competency Calls, and our newest addition: the TeleForum for Experienced Coaches! How will you engage yourself during International Coaching Week? See below for news and updates! Being engaged is what truly engages others.


Oh, and the Easter Bunny doesn't play a role in this but, I thought he deserved a fair mention this month after the Groundhog was in the spotlight in February. I wish you much joy for the holidays you are celebrating this month!


Until next time, be empowered, empower others and stay engaged!


Much energy,



Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff

2014 ICF Michigan President

(248) 225-9032



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About the Easter Bunny..
Did you know that the Easter Bunny originated among German Lutherans? The Easter Hare originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient at the start of the season of Eastertide. This custom was first mentioned in Georg Franck von Franckenau's "De ovis pachalibus" (About Easter Eggs) in 1682, referring to a German tradition of an Easter Rabbit bringing Easter Eggs for children. 

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