Community Outreach

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: ICF Michigan coaches are widely recognized for serving the needs of the community in meaningful and transformative ways. This “gives back” to the community and provides visibility for ICF Michigan and the coaching profession.

photo-collageOur Goals

ICF Michigan launched Community Outreach as a key component of the 2014 Action Agenda. Our goals were aimed at “starting small” and building a robust, sustainable community outreach program for years to come.

  1. Identify 1 – 2 partner organizations who are currently serving a community need that could be enhanced/strengthened through coaching
  2. Recruit 10 – 15% (or more!) of our ICF Michigan member coaches to participate as volunteer coaches serving community initiatives
  3. Implement the “Coaching Give-Back Pledge” Program 

How to Participate

There are a number of ways you can participate: 

  • Get involved as a volunteer coach in one of our ICF Michigan coaching opportunities.  Contact us at  to learn more.
  • Serve as a volunteer coach for an opportunity that you identify. Have an opportunity in mind or need help identifying one? We would love to hear from you at
  • Sign-up for the Coaching Give-Back Pledge

2015 Coaching Give-Back Pledge

The Coaching Give-Back Pledge is an easy way to get involved as a volunteer coach to serve our community and have a chance to win $150 for a charitable organization of your choice. Another benefit: earn pro-bono coaching hours toward your coaching certification! How the program works:

  • Determine the number of volunteer hours you want to pledge for 2015
  • Identify a coaching opportunity with a non-profit/charitable organization. You can identify one on your own or contact us at for potential ICF Michigan opportunities
  • Complete a short ICF Michigan Coaching Give-Back Pledge application
  • Fulfill your pledged coaching hours
  • Complete a short summary (along with your client) of the duration and impact of your coaching engagement

Questions , ideas or recommendations for who you think would be a great organization for volunteer coaches to support? Contact us at